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How Do You Shape Up?

June 3, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

I read a recent article about hot moms. No it wasn’t about women having hot flashes. It was about moms who had great bodies. There were slick photos of Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Vergara, and Heidi Klum. There were details about extreme workouts, and the photos showed tone bodies complete with perfectly shaped bosoms and six packs.

Funny how those images are staring back at most of us. Anyone else feel like your body was invaded by an alien during pregnancy?

After giving birth, it seems as if you get ripped off as far as time goes. Like there are fewer hours in a day. And each one is spoken for. So the idea of making time to work out can seem a bit daunting. Putting on those workout clothes and driving to the gym sounds like a lot of work. I think just getting in a shower, wearing matching clothes, and running a comb through your hair is doing well. Why ruin that by getting sweaty working out?

Tone bodies? That’s gotta be magic or something. Because from what I recall, there was quite a bit of squishy skin after giving birth. And I’m not referring to the baby. The midsection sort of just felt saggy. Like it has lost its purpose post baby.

Dare we talk about the firm bosom and six packs? I‘m not a doctor or health expert. But there’s no way that pregnancy plus breastfeeding makes your breasts perkier. No way. No how. Matter of fact I’m thinking they get lower. As far as a six pack goes…drink one.

Why can’t magazines feature women who have recently given birth and show the real stuff? Possible headlines include: “How to Love Your Muffin Top” “Find Out How You Can Enter the Million Stretch Marks Contest,”  and “Fabulous Flab.”

Okay so pregnancy changes our bodies a bit. Yes, even celebrities’ bodies. The difference is that they get paid to look unrealistically good. Endorsements, huge contracts, and nannies. For the rest of us, it takes more time. A Y membership, body shaper, and a push up bra might do the trick.


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