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Mom, Have You Seen My…?

May 26, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

I am writing this on Mother’s Day. Just 15 minutes before I began typing, my youngest son, Max, asked, “Mom, where is the purple purse I made for you for Mother’s Day?”

I had no idea that a purple card even existed, so I had no idea where the purple card might be. But I did suggest places he should look. Back pack. Not there. Dining room table. Not there. Dresser. Nope.

Max became more agitated as the search continued. Then I began to search with him. Then I became more agitated. So on Mother’s Day, I was looking under coffee tables, sofas, and shelves for a purple card. As I was emptying the garbage can (oh yes I did), I realized that I had reached my limit. Some stuff is just not going to be found.

It made me remember a recent FB post I saw from another mom that read, “Children, it’s the keeping track, the remembering for everyone, that is pushing us over the edge. Save our sanity and keep track of your own @&$#!!”

Amen, sister. It’s rare for a day to go by in which someone can’t find something. And someone else ends up looking for it. The searching isn’t so bad, but this activity often happens when I’m are under pressure for time. And the clock keeps ticking.

Yes, as a mother you’re responsible for your stuff and apparently everyone else’s. Maybe we need a handy guide to post that everyone can see and refer to for stuff that’s lost.

If You Have Lost

Look For It

Hot Wheels

Under the couch cushions


In your backpack or the cafeteria

Mittens or gloves

Somewhere between the garage and the house


In your brother’s room or inside your pant’s legs

Chuck E Cheese’s tickets

Front pant’s pocket or washing machine


No clue

Favorite pen

Under the floor mat at of the car

And now I must go. I have a feeling that purple card is in the car—between the seat and the door. And even if it’s not, I’ll probably find some spare change and a bite-sized candy bar. Finders keepers? You bet. I’m not doing all that work for free!


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