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It Comes with the Territory

May 16, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

It’s funny how we have wish lists. Actually it’s not the wish lists that are funny, but rather the conditions we place on those wishes.

How many of us were hoping our kids would have some interest or ability to compete in sports? Gymnastics is great, if you can be at the gym three days a week for two-hour-long workouts.

Maybe swimming is a possibility. The pool area, however, tends to be a bit humid, and for moms with curly hair, things can get a bit frizzy.

My guys love soccer, and I really enjoy the games. If I have coffee. And if I have other moms to chat with. And if it’s above 60 degrees and sunny.

Of course, you’d like to send your kids to a good school. A good education is likely the best thing we can give our children. But that might mean you’ll have concerned teachers and mounds of homework.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a school for your kids that still includes music in the curriculum. I know several parents chose the school our kids go to for the fact that the kids have music class a couple times a week. But I couldn’t help but smile when I saw one mom’s recent Facebook post about the new recorder instruments our kids were given.

Yep. The kids were given recorders to keep. They could now play them at school, in the car, and at home. You might recall that a recorder plays very high notes. I like to say that it plays variations of what seems like one very high note. Over and over.

Cramped schedules, frizzy hair, freezing on the sidelines, and listening to one very high note over and over. Wish all you want, but some things come with the territory.


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