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A Little Niceness, Please

May 9, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

People don’t have to be nice. It’s not a law. It’ a not a rule. Not even a commandment. But being nice would be…well, it would nice.

I’ve often thought that we should do our best to be nice to everyone. Not just at the family reunion. Or during Lent. Or at work. But always. But if that doesn’t suit you, perhaps the default plan will work. The basic premise of that is if you choose to be nice to only some, perhaps those some should include the elderly, people who have physical or developmental disabilities, people who are gravely ill, veterans, a woman who is getting married within 24 hours, pregnant women, and new mothers.

Why new moms? Well, for starters they’ve just spent 9+ months housing a human life. That’s gotta be worth a few nice points, right? How about the fact that a new mom has to figure out how to add caring for this new little person on top of everything else she does? And then there’s the fact that no matter how educated, well-insured, and financially stable a woman is when she brings that baby home from the hospital she feels overwhelmed. And tired. And emotional.

Not even one month after actress Hillary Duff had her son, she was surprised to find out how mean people could be to new moms. There was a Twitter message that mentioned that she was waddling into a Pilate class. Wow. Just wow. Who would say such a thing?

It isn’t easy getting back to normal after having a baby. Well, actually it would be except for that teeny tiny newborn has a few round-the-clock needs.

So maybe instead of being upset by what others think or say, we should look at what we have done. The campaign could read like this: “Just want you to share in my joy. I just recently gave birth to a baby. Yes, 9 months was a long time, but nothing as hard as the labor was. Who knew I could sustain another life for months with milk from my own body. I don’t want to miss a thing with the baby. I’m so excited! I’m in no rush to color my hair. And no rush to drop a ton of weight. That’s why I’m waddling!


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