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You Want Chickens?

May 8, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

Spoiling kids is fun. Or maybe not spoiling them but rather seeing them happy. They smile; you smile. And think of all the things that you’ve given them to make them happy.

For the first couple years of life, it seems that your very presence makes them happy. But that huggin’ and kissin’ stuff fades by the time they get to school. Not completely, but it subsides. Then you do what any rational parent would do. Yep. You buy ’em things to see that smile. Is it shameful? Yes. Does it work? Almost every time.

Thanks to slick marketing, there’s always something in eyesight of a child at virtually every store. There are cards to collect. Cards with plastic characters to collect. Cards with plastic characters that come in very cool, bright tins to collect. Hot Wheels makes about 3,145 different styles, and what boy doesn’t want one of each? To whoever invented the Wii gaming system, thank you. We now have more games than fit in the drawer designated for such things.

There’s always the next “cool” thing. When I recently saw that backyard chickens are becoming popular, I knew that I had do have a pre-emptive plan for saying no in place. All I really had to do was imagine how the conversations would go if we had a yard full of chickens.

“Mom. Something happened, but it was an accident. I stepped on a chicken.”

“Can the chickens mate with the rabbits that live under our porch?”

“Hey wait. We had 30 chickens, but now I only see 10!”

“Can we shave them?”

“When it’s cold outside, can the chickens sleep in my bed?”

My sons haven’t asked for any chickens yet, but when they do, I might have to bribe them with trading cards. Or Hot Wheels. Or Wii games. Or Chicken McNuggets.


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