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You Can Do It!

April 20, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

Do you recall hearing birthing stories before you had kids? Oh there were tales of contractions, endless hours of pushing, and emergency C-sections. Not only does that not sound appealing, it sounds nearly impossible to endure. And then you saw those birth photos. To be honest, they all look very similar. A squishy baby with its eyes nearly closed and covered in what appears to be some type of slime. Sorry, but the whole thing is not a good campaign for childbirth.

And very few people I know can handle someone else vomiting. It’s a game of copy cat gone bad. They get sick; you get sick. The sight, the sounds, the smell: It’s pretty much a recipe for, well, vomiting.

At one time as a kid you might have wanted to be a nurse or a doctor. Until you realized there was a likelihood, of say, 100 percent that you would have to deal with blood. See it. Wipe it. Stop it.

Enter Stephanie Decker. She’s the mom from Indiana who, in saving her kids during a tornado, later had to have her legs amputated. The day she went home from the hospital, she said she has a second chance. Twenty-four days after being in the hospital, she was excited to get fitted for prosthetics and move forward with her life. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

The transformation that happens when you become a parent is amazing. All the things you just knew you couldn’t do—you’re doing. Okay, so maybe you aren’t doing them all willingly or without complaining. And maybe you aren’t even doing it well (I still have a hard time putting on a Band-Aid without it bunching up) but you are doing it.

Just knowing you’re able to the things you didn’t think you could is important. It reminds us to not to underestimate our own strength and abilities. And if we’re always telling our kids they can do anything, well then darn it then we gotta show them the way. Most importantly, if moms like Stephanie can make huge and life-changing sacrifices for their children, then we can stomach the sight of a little blood, the smell of vomit, and the look of a newborn baby covered in that new born gooey stuff.


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