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Can We Talk?

April 13, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

Do we talk enough?  Okay…I have been told that I talk too much. But I mean as women, as parents, are we taking the time to just have a chat with each other?

Watch you kids.  Listen to them.  They take the time.  As we’re telling them it’s time to get in the car, they’re chatting it up with the neighbors, the mail carrier, people passing by, and stray animals.

And what better place to chat it up than the grocery store. Aisle 3 specifically.  The one we found with a little girl unable to decide which Lunchable she should get. Her father stood back, clearly not well versed in this area.

My son Miles reached over her head and pulled one down and explained to her, “This kind is bigger, and you get more food.”

She smiled at her Dad, who looked at me and asked, “Are the pizza ones any good?”

Before I could answer, Max piped in.  “Yeah.  Those are good too if you like pizza.”

So for the next three minutes, my boys and the adorable girl in sparkly shoes discussed their options of prepackaged food.  Ham and cheese?  Nachos? Turkey and cheese?

It wasn’t a concern that one of them liked to wear dresses and the others blew out the knees of their jeans.  They found common ground.

That same day, we went to a park to burn off some energy.  My boys were very excited to show off their sort-of new bikes. And they weren’t the only ones.  There was another boy with a new mountain bike, a little guy with training wheels, and one on a trike.  It was like United Nations of all things with wheels.

The boys were like magnets to each other. It didn’t matter that they were different ages and sizes.  At first, they all crept closer and closer together without a word, and then Miles asked the group, “Wanna race?”

It was on!  You could almost see a trail of testosterone behind them.  The boys were making car sounds, pedaling as fast as they could, and then slamming on the brakes to make skid marks.

Adult conversation should be that easy too.  So maybe next time you pull up to a stoplight and notice another mom in a mini van next to you, you could rev up your engine and ask her if she wants to race.  Okay, maybe not.  But how about asking another mom is she wants to share a Lunchable with you?  I suggest the super big ones: They come with a juice box and chocolate.


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