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What Did I Need to Remember?

April 9, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

So as I get frustrated about my kids not listening, it looks like I could use a lesson in that too.

The other day, Miles had boots set out. I told him to wear tennis shoes. He was not happy with that. A few minutes later, he asked if he could take binoculars with him. Again, I said no.

Fast forward two hours. I’m at work, and I see an alert come across my iphone. It’s a reminder that Miles had a school field trip on how companies make maple syrup. My heart sank. That’s why he wanted to wear his hiking boots. And it was raining. I could picture him on the field trip with soggy sneaker stuck in the mud.

And the tie binoculars were on his shelf where I told him to leave them. Poor thing, I imagined how he wouldn’t be able to see treasure far off from the path they were in, Not to mention how fun it would have been to pass it along to his friends.

I see hours of therapy sessions. One more thing Mom wouldn’t let me do, “because she said so!” To this day, I won’t eat maple syrup because it reminds me of that horrible field trip. I have a recurring nightmare that I’m wearing sneakers that are stuck in the mud.

One week, Maxon told me they didn’t have school on Friday. I convinced myself that  he had no idea what he was talking about, that he had his weeks confused. Until the Thursday before the Friday they had off! How could I have missed that? Thank goodness for college baby sitters who don’t mind missing class in order to make some cash.

I don’t think parents set out to  run everything and obsess for order. But somehow in our quest to make things run smoothly, we take on too much. The offshoot for that is that things fall through the cracks.

Think about all the things that slip our minds: packing the extra diapers, doling out the lunch money, signing the permission slips, scheduling those well checks with the doctor’s office. Makes me worry, what else did I need to remember? I completely forget.


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