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Do Moms Have to Share too?

April 5, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

Somehow when kids enter our lives, certain things take a back seat. Or hit the road all together. Some of it might be due to timing. No doubt scheduling becomes a bit more difficult as your family grows. And quite frankly sometimes you can’t muster up the energy even if you do have the time.

But guilt has a way of sneaking in as well. I have this area in a cabinet in the kitchen where I hide chocolate. It’s the good stuff. Not the miniature bars you give out at Halloween. And not the knock offs either. We’re talking the good brands-and full size.

Funny how I can write about it but not tell my kids. I hide that sweet section because of guilt. I generally don’t even hit the stash until long after they have gone to bed.

My son Miles found that little hiding area not too long ago. When he came upon it, his eyes grew wide. Before he could even ask for any I explained, “That’s for me. It’s special chocolate that only Moms can have.” (So wrong, I know).

Finally taking his eyes off the chocolate he turned to me and asked, “You knew that was there?”

Oh yes. I did. And then I got to thinking that it wasn’t guilt but maybe selfishness that had me hiding away those premier chocolates. I gave myself a list of reasons that the kids didn’t need access to it:

They still have candy from Valentine’s Day

Too many sweets can get them jumpy

That stuff is loaded with sugar and sugar adds to tooth decay

They can buy their own candy with their money

If I let them have the god stuff now, I’ll never be able to bribe them with the cheap stuff.

Okay. I give. There is a strong likelihood that I hid that chocolate from my kids simply because I didn’t want to share. Like maybe a 100 percent likelihood. It’s mine, mine mine!

This might put me in the “pathetic mother” category because we tell our kids to share. But Mom’s chocolate should be exempt, right? Kinda like the beat-up gnarly-looking recliner that some of our dads had. It was his throne (well, second to the toilet) and no one dared to sit in it. No questions asked. I’m thinking the same should apply to the secret stash of chocolate. Plus, it takes up way less room than a Lazy Boy.


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