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Tantrum Time

April 2, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

For many of us with kids, traveling isn’t the simplest of tasks. But at some point, you realize that Target, Chuck E Cheese, and the library aren’t vacation hot spots. So you plan that family vacation.

Driving is one option. But if you are under time constraints, flying might be a better choice. Might be. Unless you have a toddler. Make that a toddler who might have a temper tantrum. Toddlers and tantrums: They go hand in hand.

No too long ago, I was on a plane, and another family was asked to deboard the plane Why? Because their toddler had a tantrum.

Anyone who has had a toddler knows the frustration of those tantrums. If they happen in the confines of your own home, they aren’t so bad. But in public? It’s not the same. In public, you get to have onlookers, (tons of them) staring at you and your child. Like looking at you will make the situation go away. Really, it just makes your blood pressure go up.

And then there are the people who see your toddler having a meltdown and can’t resist saying something. Something like, “I sure don’t miss those days.” Or, “It looks like someone is crabby.” Thank you, peanut gallery for your unsolicited and unhelpful comments.

I recall flying with our oldest son when he was three months old. The flight for the final leg of the trip was delayed, so we decided to take a Greyhound bus home. We were fine with it. Our son was not. He just became fidgety and cranky.

Ironically enough, a flight attendant was also on the bus, seated a few rows behind us. She very nicely said that she had a few tricks that might help. I don’t even recall what the tricks were, but I really didn’t care. Whatever she did worked. Thank goodness, because if we would have gotten kicked off the bus, we would have been walking home.

When I see or hear a kid screaming in public, I try really hard not to stare at the child or the parent. I can more than imagine what the scene looks like. If anything, I would say, “It’s okay. We’ve all been there, and you’ll get through it.” And then I might think, Man, am I glad that’s not me.


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