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Fill My Basket Too, Please

April 1, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

Oh boy. Just when we realized we over-indulged for the holidays. And did again for Valentine’s Day. Just after we polished of a dozen boxes of Girl Scout Cookies: He’s back.

Who? The Easter bunny, that’s who. And he’s coming to a mall near you. And for a price you can get a photo of your kids with him. I still have the copies from when my guys were young. They were 3 months and 20 months old. I decked them out in matching sweater vests and dress pants. Actually looking at the photo, the Easter bunny was dressed up too. Well, he had a vest on, but no pants. That was odd.

It was also odd that he was very tall. Like almost seven feet tall! What other rabbit do you look up to? That is a bit confusing. The rabbits we see from our porch are not nearly that tall. Again: odd.

I’m pretty sure that for a bunny to stand on his hind legs all day would be uncomfortable. I noticed that the one at the mall never gets on all fours. Maybe he’s too domesticated.

Just curious. The Easter bunny brings baskets, right? He’s gotta be friends with Santa or something.

It’s funny how we never question certain things as a kid. And maybe that is a good thing. Just go with the flow and enjoy. Live in the moment. For some of us, the day-to-day grind takes us away from that. We’re on the verge of being cynics. As adults, we get wrapped up in whether or not something is real.

The Easter bunny brings a basket loaded with jelly beans, Peeps, marshmallow-filled chocolates, hard-boiled eggs, and fudge eggs. Real fudge eggs! And I’m thinking moms are tight with the Easter bunny, so there could be lots of goodies in that basket: mall gift cards, theater tickets, new spring shoes, Target gift cards, or a new book. I’m not sure my kids will be cool with visiting the Easer bunny, and it might be cause for mall security to be alerted if I sit on his lap, but I definitely want to make sure he has my address.


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