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Is This a Movie?

March 22, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

It’s interesting how movies can impact you at different times of your life. My kids like Judy Moody and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Those are perfect movies—if you’re under age 10.

I recall being single and a bit jaded (maybe more than a bit) and watching When Harry Met Sally. Seriously, who didn’t believe in true love after seeing that?  And if you have ever been married or in a wedding Bridesmaids will have you laughing out loud about the truly absurd yet possible antics that such an event bring out.

I recall seeing the move Baby Boom back in the 80s but didn’t think much of it. Until I saw it a month ago. First of all it stars Diane Keaton, who’s so cute and classy it’s hard to resist not watching a film with her. But even better is the story it tells. It’s so relatable for so many women.

Basically the movie is about a woman who is not married to anyone, but rather to her career. Having a family with kids wasn’t even on her radar. But then she “inherited” a toddler from her deceased cousin. Can you say game changer?

I’m guessing you can probably identify with her struggle to balance her new life as a mom and her current life in the corporate world. At one point, a coworker says to her, “You’ve changed. You’ve lost your concentration.” Ya think? After I had kids one of my coworkers commented on how often I wore sweatpants. Hey, they’re made of cotton, have an elastic waist band, and are super comfy. I made no apologies.

Life after kids really is different. Not bad. Just really different. Maybe it would be easy if babies slept longer than three hours at a time. Or if they didn’t need those diapers changed so much. Or if we could take them to work with us. Or if they came with a wad of cash strapped to them.

Okay, so maybe our lives aren’t exactly like on the big screen, but the idea of facing struggles and learning how to balance the different facets of life is in the title for most of us at some point. Get the popcorn and snacks: The story of motherhood is long one.


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