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Yep, Moms Get Sick Too

March 20, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

I remember when I was a kid wondering how come my mom never got sick. It was a rarity. I’m pretty sure she had special mom germ repellent.

Then about two weeks ago Maxon, my youngest son, said to me in a very matter of fact manner, “You never really get sick, Mom.” Hmmm. That seemed odd to me because I swear there are so many days I don’t feel 100 percent.

“Really? I don’t get sick? Well sometimes don’t I have a cold?” It was like I really wasn’t certain, so I needed to ask him.

He answered right back, “Well, you don’t get like really, really sick.”

And then. It happened. I got really, really sick. As soon as I got home from work, I got in bed. Covers on. Covers off. Running to the bathroom. Then back to the bedroom. And all the wile wondering how I was going to be sick and do my “mom” stuff too.

A couple hours later, I could hear the familiar voices of my kids and husband entering the house. I was dreading having them see me like this. There would be questions. And maybe the usual requests for a snack or homework help. Or the need for a hug.

And then the procession to my bedside began. After the brief checking-out-Mommy-in-bed ceremony, there was a gathering in and around the bathroom. Yep. The one-holer.

Now? They all have to be by the bathroom now? I wondered. I’m not sure it’s normal to be that possessive of a toilet, but at one point I might have slightly injured my eight-year-old in my need to push him out of the way of it. I was keeping my eye on the prize, and that was a porcelain fixture.

My son didn’t seem bothered by it. Instead he took that opportunity to give the others a play-by-play of what was going on. “Mom’s puking!”

The more my son talked, the worse I felt. As any multi-tasking mother would do, I was able to grab him with my one free hand and guide him to the door. I could hear my family chattering outside the door. My youngest was still curious. My oldest was nervous. My husband was just grossed out.

Relief eventually set in, and I was back to my healthy self. But still I’m gonna see if I can find some mom germ repellant. This “getting sick” stuff is getting in the way


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