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Men Are From Mars–and Boys Are Too

March 15, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

I was never the mom who cared if I had boys or girls. I just kinda think you get what you get. Life’s grab bag, if you will. As much as I thought it wasn’t true, I have to admit there are huge differences between boys and girls.

I used to think it was just how we raised our kids. You know: pink and glitter for the girls and blue and sports themes for boys. So in my haste to put and end to those silly traditions, I gave my boys a doll. I sure did. And as soon as I did they took her dress off and dragged her across the floor. I understand how moms who have girls might be mortified. I get that. But they just wanted to see how the doll worked and look at the parts (no pun intended). Most of all they wanted her to move.

Boy language can be a bit different from girls as well. I mean “dude” appears to be the cornerstone of 75 percent of their conversations. Whereas most girls might rarely use that word, we females tend to make up for that in talking three times as much as boys. Maybe four times as much.

For guys, wrestling is a form of affection. It might be code for, “Hey, good to see you. Let’s tackle each other.” I think the girl version is giving long hugs, jumping up and down, and giggling.

It’s amazing how boys can watch something in awe and not feel compelled to speak. The Three Stooges, Star Wars movies, and Super Bowl commercials are great for that. We girls, on the other hand, like to dissect such things and talk about how we can relate to it. Everything lends itself to a conversation.

I will never apologize for having boys. I will, however apologize for not being able to curb their excitement over bodily functions. Passing gas is fodder for laughter, competitions, and a bizarre sense of bonding.

Some people would say that opposites attract and that we complement each other. Or maybe we just can’t all be walking around making armpit noises or spreading glitter on everything we can. Dude, that would just be boring.


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