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Are You Ready for This?

March 9, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davison

My best friend, Jody, is pretty, has blonde hair and has some tie dye items in her closet. I’ll connect that in a minute.

Recently we took all four of our boys roller-skating. It was a blast. At first. We skated for an hour or so, and then rolled over to the snack counter and had some pizza. The kids wolfed down their food and went back to skating.

After Jody and I returned to the rink area, we just sat and talked. Within a few minutes, my oldest son, Miles, rolled up next to me. He had a really big smile on his face. I was thinking he was going to lean in and say, “Love you mom.” Not.

Instead he told me, “That was my first couples skate.”

What? My heart was racing. What did he mean by “couples” skate?

“What do you mean? You skated with someone?” I asked.

“Yeah. Just now. With a girl.”

I had to know. “Did you hold hands?” The whole time I’m thinking, Please say no. Please say no. please say no.

“Yeah, we held hands. Is that okay?”

My head was buzzing. I just wasn’t prepared for this. The grilling continued. “Wait, wait, wait. You asked a girl to skate with you?”

He was still grinning and said, “No, she asked me to skate. We kind of like each other. She’s my girlfriend.”

This is not happening. Then he pointed her out to me. As it turns out, he knew her from camp, and I had seen here before. But still.

I turned to Jody and smiled, “Hey, the girl he is skating with is cute, has blonde hair, and has a tie die T-shirt on. Sounds like someone I know.”

The skate place is supposed to be family friendly. That girl is not family, and I wasn’t feeling so friendly. Nice. We want them to grow up, but that means we have to as well.


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