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Do You Need Some TLC Too?

March 6, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

Did you really think about how emotionally hard motherhood was going to be before you had kids? I think if some of us would have seen a real life flash of how deep this stuff gets, we would have bailed on the whole idea before going through with it.

One thing that amazes me is the amount of comfort and consoling we give to our kids. I totally get that nurturing is a huge part of what parents do. It’s almost scary to think of how much another being relies on us to kiss the ouwies, chase the monsters, wipe the tears, and calm the tantrums.

Do you ever have those moments where you aren’t sure you feel that strong? The ones where you wonder when you get to freak out and have some one else make it all better for you? For me, it was getting an MRI.

I am not a huge fan of small, tight spaces, so I asked for an open MRI. Now to me, open means-open. Lots of space, no confinements. Open. When I got to the front desk and handed in my paperwork somehow in clarifying the term “open” the staff member said there would be a thing that went over my head. I think that is when I thought that running out was a good option.

I thought it would be like those cones they put around dogs when they have surgery so they can’t get their mouth on their paws. So I imagined myself with that around my neck on an open table. I hadn’t planned on licking my hands or feet, so I figured I could deal with the cone thingy.

When I got back to the room to do the procedure, I did not become more calm. The technician explained that I would lie down on the bed and place that “thing” over my head. I know she had a term for it, but when I saw it all I could think of was Hannibal Lecter. I kid you not. This hockey mask contraption went from the top of my head to my shoulders. Not cool.

Then the bed slides under this imaging machine suspended from the ceiling—just a few inches from my face. How is this open? I wondered. If that was a concert venue, my ticket would have said “Obstructed View.”

The tech was amazing. She was right there with words of comfort, placing her hand on my arm, and offering a blanket. When they got me in position, she popped her head in and handed me earplugs. I asked if was really that loud. She looked sympathetic and said, “It’s like a jack hammer.”

Holy…..a jack hammer?  A list of more unpleasant things ran through my mind. Maybe I could just eat raw frogs. They could stick my toes with pins.

I made it through. Much in part to the technician. She told me it was going to be okay. She assured me that lots of people get nervous and that she’d be right there for me. If she gets tired of doing the MRI stuff, she definitely has a career as a mom.


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