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Please Pass the Info

February 29, 2012 by  
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By Julie Davidson

I have an idea of what you are and are not supposed to eat to be healthy. But I really like butter. No. Not the stuff that tastes like butter but isn’t butter. Real butter. And I know it isn’t the healthiest ingredient.

Guess who else likes butter? Paula Deen. And there is so much that is likeable about her. First, she has that beautiful white silvery hair. Seriously, if you’re gonna go gray, hopefully you get Paula Deen’s kind of gray hair. Combine her charming southern accent and that cackle of a laugh, and you just kind of want to hang out in her kitchen with her. And can she cook. I was looking over her endless recipe list and found recipes for cornmeal waffles with spicy chili, roast pork chops with Cheddar and bacon grits, lots o’meat lasagna, and deep-fried cheesecake. I knew I should have eaten before I wrote this.

But now the word is out that she has type 2 diabetes, and she is getting lots of criticism. Mainly the feeling is that she should have come forward when she initially got the diagnosis as she could have been a great help to others going through the same thing.

Fair enough. But before we start throwing stones and rolling eyes and getting all judgy, we need to look at our own withheld information.

Before we had our first son, we had a miscarriage. I was devastated and wrought with guilt. Of course not one to keep a secret like pregnancy, I had blabbed to a ton of people that we were expecting. Ugh. Now I had to tell them about the miscarriage. Well, what do you know? People were popping out of the woodwork telling me they too had a miscarriage. Turns out, it was much more common than I knew.

Anyone else realize the honeymoon was over, like right after the honeymoon? I recall my husband and me exchanging harsh words just two weeks after our wedding. I was sure we were headed for trouble. That was more than 13 years ago. Now I constantly hear from friends who tell of their marital spats.

Sometimes we get self-conscious or self-absorbed and don’t want to share certain things that we are going through. But just consider that in some cases, it might be helping out someone else going through the same thing. So next time you’re going through something and you are out with the girls, consider just casually asking the question, “Has anyone had a miscarriage?” Or, “How are things with the hubby?” If all you get are blank stares, ask someone to pass the butter.


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