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Can We Get a Few More Minutes?

February 24, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Julie Davidson

In our fast-paced, high-tech world, social media can be one of the best ways for busy moms to connect.

The other day one of my FB friends had this posted as her status: “Engaged in an oddball game of chicken with my alarm clock. How late can I stay in bed while still getting to work on time, looking professional, and smelling good? Made it to 6:35 today.”

My response was, “Go for 6:45 and just use car freshener instead.”

Someone else suggested she keep mouthwash in her desk drawer.

But think about how many times you wish you had just a few more minutes in the morning. As you lie in bed, you convince yourself that if you don’t look at those neon numbers on the clock, you’re good. But once you look at it, it’s all over.

And I’ve tried all kinds of things to get that extra sleep. I have the lunches made the day before and the clothes laid out for each kid. In her quest to save time, a friend of mine used to put her daughters to bed already in the outfits for the next day.

Okay, so we can try our best to save time. You can wash, dry, fold, and put away all the clothes before you go to bed. Dirty dishes get washed and clean ones are set out for breakfast. Get the diaper bags filled for the next day. Have the backpacks packed. Oh, and as a courtesy, all illnesses, bad attitudes, costume changes, and show-and-tell items must be cleared with you 24 hours in advance to that alarm clock going off.

Ahhhh…now all is taken care of and you can sleep that extra 15 minutes in the morning. One problem. It took you an extra 30 minutes to get everything done, which means you are going to bed 30 minutes later than usual. For those of you as bad as me in math: We still aren’t getting more sleep! Now I’m thinking how to win that battle with the alarm clock. Maybe if I wear pajamas to work and don’t curl my hair. I’ll skip putting on foundation and skip breakfast. I’ll look so awful they’ll send me home early and I can go back to bed! Winning!


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