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What Is That Stuff?

February 20, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Julie Davidson

So during what was an unusually quiet ride to school, my oldest son asked me, “Mom, how come you don’t drink that stuff in the dining room?”

At first I wasn’t clear on what stuff he meant. Then I realized he was talking about wine and other alcohol we have stored out of reach from anyone under the age of 21.

Now is this the point where you tell your kids that Mommy made a fool of herself one too many times in college? Or at house parties? And those oh-so-happy Happy Hours too?

“Well, sometimes alcohol makes a person feel and do things they maybe shouldn’t do.” I thought maybe that would be a sufficient answer. Nope.

“Like what kind of stuff would people do if they drink too much alcohol?” He insisted on knowing.

Man, there was a list of things: cussing out an ex-boyfriend, entering a hot legs contest when you are way beyond dancing capability, falling asleep on the bathroom floor, puking in public… Yikes.

“It’s just dangerous. People could have a hard time driving and get in an accident. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

He didn’t sound convinced. “Yeah, but then shouldn’t it be illegal?”

I don’t even recall what I told him. I just know I was relieved that he already understood the consequences of “that stuff.”


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