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The Gift of Mom

February 11, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Julie Davidson

My new philosophy is that we all have gifts. Sometimes those gifts are obvious to others. Sometimes not.

And some moms are really good at being moms and all that comes with it. Like today. A friend whose kids attend my kids’ school asked if my kids would like to come spend the day at their house because they were off from school. That was a gift. Just the offer.

Normally when the kids have off, it makes my skin tighten up. Not the kind of skin tightening that takes the crow’s-feet away. The kind that just adds another layer of physical stress. That is a direct result of trying to figure out child care for the kids when there is no school. Babysitters, neighbors, the Y are all typically considerations.

I like for my kids to have their friends over. But generally within 30 minutes, I have had all I can take of passing gas, running through the living room, and arguing over the Wii remote. And, of course, to impress the other kids, I allow large amounts of sugar to be consumed. That is a predictable recipe for disaster.

But this friend is one of those moms who can handle all that craziness and make it seem less crazy. Oh, and she has three kids of her own, including twins. And she’s super organized. She calls me ahead of time and asks what foods the boys like, if they have allergies, what toys they can play with, and which movies they can watch. She has it all covered. Today I had been at work for 30 minutes when she sent me a text saying she had already baked a banana cake! I’m thinking picking something up from the Cheesecake Factory is a big deal.

After making a cake, she took the kids (all five of them) to a museum, out for lunch, and to a movie. See, for me, just the thought of all that is a lot of work. Each time I arrive to pick up my kids from her house, they frown and tell me they don’t want to leave. That’s always an ego booster. But the truth is I’ve thought of ways of asking her to move in with us, but I know that it would seem creepy. That, and I think her family is pretty happy with her.

So yeah. We all have gifts. And one of the nicest things you can do with the gift of being a good mom is to share yourself with other moms. And your banana bread.


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