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So We Look a Little Different Than We Used To

February 7, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Julie Davidson

I stumbled upon a study that said 33 percent of wives think their husbands find them less attractive since having kids. And the majority said they felt tired.

Maybe we aren’t less attractive. Maybe we just don’t place the same amount of emphasis on our attractiveness. And quite possibly that is because we are tired.

And just when I have rationalized all this attractiveness stuff, my oldest son remarks, “Not to be mean, Mom, but how come you aren’t as pretty as you were when you were younger?”

Well, let’s see. I didn’t have a job that I cared if I lost or kept, so there was no stress on the work front. Happy hour wasn’t when an infant went to sleep. It was cheap drinks and laughs with my pals from the office. My metabolism actually worked. There was no need for coloring my hair; there were none of those gray imposters working their way in. I basically really only had to worry about me. No worrying meant I could sleep uninterrupted for hours! I was free to go places—besides Target.

I didn’t want to tell him those things. It was a harmless question. And truthfully, I signed up for this life. Well, except for the stretch marks. I just kind of shrugged it off and vaguely explained that people change when they get old.

Later that same day, my youngest and I were face-to-face discussing something. At one point he stops talking to me and reaches out to touch my face. His right index finger lands smack-dab in between my eyes. “Why do you have lines there?”

Sigh. I asked my husband about the fact that my appearance has changed since having kids. He said he constantly tells me he thinks I’m attractive, but that I don’t listen. Note to self: Start listening.


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