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It’s All About Perspective

February 6, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

So maybe I made a wrong turn. Okay, I totally did, but I had to know. I wanted to find out from my sons what would make me a better mom. And I wasn’t looking for them to tell me I was perfect. I know better.

But I was curious as to exactly what they felt would improve my mothership. So I asked.

Miles was quick on the draw. It’s like he had waited for this for a while and had carefully rehearsed his response. “No more punishments. And take us to the skate park more.”

Maxon hesitated, but added, “No more working out. And get me a bike in spring.”

Miles didn’t agree. “If she doesn’t work out, she will become a big blob. Then she’ll need a wheelchair!”

What? A big blob? So we veered off course a bit.

Okay…so now I wanted to know what they thought would make them better kids. Their list included: skateboarding more, playing soccer, and getting more Wii games, and a Nintendo game system.

At first I was irritated by the fact that it seemed like all material things on their list. But then they explained that all the stuff they mentioned would get them moving and active and keep them healthy. Until then I failed to see it that way.

I know what I need to work on to be a better mom. I have to work on being more patient. Perhaps listen more. But their answer made me realize that I also try to meet them where they are and keep in mind a child’s perspective.

The only thing I’m still not totally onboard with is me turning into a big blob. Again, I asked.


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