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January 23, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

There’s something sweet about the time when kids drift off to sleep. Actually there’s a lot of “somethings.”

When the kids drift to sleep, you know you’re within moments of being able to watch really bad reality TV. Or you can finally have that not quite catty but no quite innocent conversation with your best friend. Or maybe you just want to enjoy a piece of candy from your “mom” stash guilt-free.

But what I like at drift to sleep time is the sweet conversation. The other night there was a full moon shining into my son Miles’s room. I went into his room, sat on the edge of his bed and exclaimed, “Look. That moon was made just for you!” I’m not sure he believed me, but in the light of that moon I could see a big grin on his face.
With Maxon, I’ve stopped in his room to snuggle for a moment. I like to remind him that it’s okay to love and let people love him. The last time I did this he said, “Your breath smells like cold toast. Can you go now?”

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I keep going back at bedtime. Just the other night I tucked Miles in and told him how much I loved him. Before I made it to the doorway he said in a sleepy voice, “I love you too, Mom. Even if you’re not Alicia Keys.”

What? I thought we were past this. The back story is that a few years ago my husband made a comment about Alicia Key as being pretty. To his credit, he added that “Mommy” was prettier than Alicia Keys. So for the longest time, the kids reminded me how pretty Alicia Keys is. I finally had to let them know, “But I’m your mom. Daddy isn’t married to Alicia Keys.”

“No. But if you die, Dad can find a girlfriend,” was the response I got. Let me guess. She’ll look like Alicia Keys.

So I smell like cold toast, and I don’t look like a pop star. So…onto those other things I like about the drifting to sleep time. Somewhere in the kitchen cabinet is a stash of chocolate just for me.


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