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That is So Cool

January 18, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

We’ve been very careful in not buying our kids every new gadget that hits the market. Okay, our budget has dictated most of it. But you can’t deny how gratifying it is to see your kid’s eyes light up when they see something cool. It’s like a mini Christmas morning.

So what gave the boys that wide-eyed wonder this time? A coffee maker. I kid you not. The one we got for our wedding but hardly use because Mommy feels more grown up going to Starbucks. Yes. That one.

In doing some fall cleaning, I came across a can of hazelnut flavored coffee. Even without a barista and the fancy, hard-to-pronounce name I decided that coffee was what I needed to get me through a cold morning soccer game.

Maxon almost stopped in his tracks when he saw it on the counter. “What’s that?” he asked.

I explained to him that it was a coffee maker and that instead of going to Starbucks I could make coffee at home. The blank stare on his face told me he still didn’t understand. Or maybe he was disappointed because no Starbucks meant no over-sized cookie for him.

The next morning, the distinct, sweet smell of hazelnut lured him from his room to the kitchen. My husband had started the coffee just minutes before. Maxon couldn’t contain his excitement. “Dad, look, it’s dripping down. It’s making the coffee!”

He ran to the top of the stairs to let his brother in on this new-found piece of technology. He was so flustered he could barley talk. So instead he gave him the hand signal that means, Come quick. You gotta see this.

And there they were: side by side, admiring the coffee maker in all her glory. One drip after another.

They have a Wii. They’ve been on a plane. They went to the Grand Canyon. But still, this single appliance gave them a thrill. Just wait til we get a dishwasher.


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