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That Seems Like a Lot of Work

January 6, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Julie Davidson

I used to be a perfectionist. Or tried to be. But honestly, being a perfectionist is hard work and well, that’s not fun. I wouldn’t say I’m a sloth, but my standards of needing to do a good job have changed. I don’t know if it’s age, energy or laziness, but it’s not the same as it used to be. But there are a lot of moms who can do things really well. Whereas I admire them, it kinda sets the bar high for us low achievers.

Case in point. The woman who recently ran the Chicago Marathon and gave birth afterward—as in the same day! Oh, and that marathon was just over 26 miles! She ran half and walked the other half. I walked like 15 minutes a few times a week for the first trimester with my oldest son. Then I convinced myself that why bother. I was big as a house anyway, and treated myself to chili cheese dogs once a week.

There’s more. When her contractions became regular, she stopped for a bite to eat before going to the hospital! I was at the hospital when the contractions weren’t regular. Please please don’t send me home. I like it here. You have cable TV, room service, and a bed that reclines.

I was happy to bring a treat to school for my son’s birthday. I met with his teachers to find out if that was okay and how much I should bring. One teacher almost drooled as she recalled how a mom brought in chocolate covered bananas to share for her child’s birthday. I can only imagine how disappointed she was with my store-bought donut holes. But I bought three different flavors. That’s gotta count for something.

The moms who look flawless really amaze me. Makeup done. Hair done. Stylish outfits. It seems that when I have that entire combo going, someone asks what the special occasion is. And the truth is it’s usually because I actually picked out the outfit the night before, had just been to the salon, and had time to do my whole face…not just eyeliner and blush.

In all honesty, I admire people who can do things and do them well. Moms need to support other moms because we each bring something to the table. Having said that, I wonder if it works both ways. What’s the likelihood one of them is in awe looking at me trying to figure out, How does she pull off that bed head hair look so well?


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