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Life Smells Good

December 7, 2011 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Julie Davidson

I knew that it would happen eventually. My oldest son was taking social cues from a girl. “And she said if you don’t wear deodorant, then you stink! Please, Mom. I really, really need deodorant.” Thank you, young lady, for crushing my kid’s spirit and sending me on an hour-long hunt for the perfect deodorant.

My son insisted that we by something by the brand Axe. Um…I recall the commercial. The guy who wore that brand was nearly pawed by several women on an elevator. Nope. I can’t be having my kid go from being called “stinky” to being a stud all in the third grade. Leave something for high school.

After sniffing about 15 deodorants, Miles and I finally found a deodorant that was a good fit. Luckily, I was able to steer him away from the Old Spice. He picked one out that had the “sport” scent. Because, as he said, he’s a sporty kid.

As soon as we got home, Miles raced to the bathroom to put on his armpit armor. Not sure why I never get so excited to do that. For him, it was almost a rite of passage. He was a man. He could sweat and not worry. He could go out in the world and feel confident. He could go back to school and look his classmate in the face and tell her that he does in fact wear deodorant.

Yet not everyone is feeling (or smelling) the love. It turns out our youngest son, Max, was very disappointed that he did not get any deodorant. It didn’t seem fair. He sweats. And he didn’t want to be told he stinks. So my husband took him to the store to pick a scent of his own, He choose “Arctic Edge.” Perhaps this will give him the in with Santa he’s been searching for.

Score. The boys have added to their daily grooming routine, and they spent the better part of the day sharing the benefits of their chosen deodorant. One was invisible and won’t leave streaks. The other stays on for 24 hours. They carried their deodorants around with them. They begged us to let them put on multiple applications.

This morning, I woke up to my seven-year-old whispering in my ear, “Mom, smell my armpits.” I cannot imagine any other time that hearing that request would put a smile on my face.

One Comment on "Life Smells Good"

  1. Monica Hess on Wed, 14th Dec 2011 6:23 pm 

    Not long ago a little guy came up to my granddaughter and said, “Would you like to be kissed by a boy?” She’s 5 and it didn’t sound appealing. Maybe he wasn’t blessed with a mother who would buy him deodorant. Poor kid. Doomed to be stinky.

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