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So About That God Thing

November 8, 2011 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Julie Davidson

I believe in God.  I do. But I struggle with the idea of God. I would rather be honest than hypocritical. So I like to say I believe in God. I’m just not sure which one. I have a few questions for the big guy. I want the Cliff Notes to all this stuff. A nice, neat outline would be helpful.

My husband and I have had discussions with the boys about God. And we’ve taken them to church. A little. Naturally they were in awe over the Nativity scene during the Christmas season. Maxon was a bit disappointed at Easter the next time we went to church. “Hey, where is the baby in the crib?” he asked. Gulp. So then anyone within earshot knew we hadn’t been to church in months.

But the boys have ideas about God. It was a few years ago when they were discussing God’s age. Max had explained to his brother that God was very old. Miles agreed. “I know. He’s older than Michael Jackson.” Yes. They used Michael Jackson as their unit of measurement for Gods’ age. So if the math is done correctly, God would be at least 53 years old.

And church and home are not the only places the kids hear about God. Luckily there are other children “in the know” of his ways. This summer, Maxon shared a secret with me about God. “You know, Mom, if you put your middle finger up to the sky, God will do it back to you.” How could I respond to that! I’ve often hoped that God had a sense of humor. So the idea of God giving someone the, you know…finger is kinda funny.

So today I decided to revisit that idea with Maxon. But now he added a twist. Something beyond the finger. “So if you show him that finger, he points it back at you. And he makes a tornado or thunderstorm come down on us.”

Thunderstorns, tornadoes, wars, famine, and disease. I’m not blaming God for these things. But like I said, I have questions. Do people really use rude hand gestures with you? And how much older than Michael Jackson are you? I mean if you don’t mind my asking.


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