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How It All Began

October 14, 2011 by  
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By Julie Davidson

With my oldest just turning a year older, I can’t help but think of the day he was born.

It was a Friday the 13th. You see where this is going. I had gotten my hair done, so I was ready for the baby to come. Because why shouldn’t a woman wriggling in pain, and tossing around like a fish out of water have a perfectly coiffed do? Never mind the fact that within 15 minutes sweat will pour out of every orifice of your body, and you’ll look like you gave your self a home perm while running through a rainstorm.

During my visit that day with my doctor, she asked when my water broke. All I could think was, I’ve been pissing my pants for the last three months, how would I even know if my water broke?

She went on to say that the baby was breach and was positioned to come out butt first. Now there’s a way to greet your mom. It was too risky to reach in and “turn” him. Yeah… that sounded like a job for a plumber, and I was pretty sure insurance wouldn’t cover that. Then she explained we would have to do a C-section. After that, I kinda checked out. The C-section information was the last part of birthing class, and I blew it off, I guess because I just knew I wouldn’t have a C-section.

Most of what happened in the operating room is a blur. The drugs set in, and I couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. As much as I thought I was ready for the pushing and screaming of a vaginal birth the fast-food route thing wasn’t too bad. Just sit back and let them cut you open.

My doctor has the best bedside manner I have ever been witness to. She’s calm and soft-spoken. This is quite different from me, who is nervous and loud. She asked if I wanted music. No…I just want my baby, I thought. It was a control freak’s worst nightmare. I was bound to the table, physically numb through half my body, and emotionally not sure I was ready to handle what was about to take place.

Then I heard a collective hush come over the room. And my doctor said, “He’s so handsome. He reminds me of my guys when they were little. If you don’t want him I’ll take him home!” Interesting proposition, but I thought I should see him first before I could consider it.

My husband was crying and had this sound to his voice I have never heard before or since. It was like a cross between a crack and a whisper. “He’s perfect.”

Well that was all good and well, but I just wanted to see the baby! Someone please show me the baby!  

I was flat on my back when, almost magically, the baby was in front of me. Kind of like those magic flying stunts they do on stage at award shows and concerts. You know where someone looks as if they’re floating on air across the stage, but you know there’s a string attached, but you just can’t see it. I didn’t see a string attached. Matter of fact I don’t even recall seeing a hand holding him over me. All I saw was a baby. With perfect color and smooth soft hair. He was round and squishy. He was perfect. And then, he cried. Oh. My. God.


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