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And the Countdown Begins

September 10, 2011 by  
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by Julie Davidson

August: It’s the new December. It feels like every weekend there is an event.  Weddings, reunions, and end of summer season trips fill the month. And then-bam! The kids are back in school.

But even in this hectic time of transition there is a certain amount of excitement. My boys return to school tomorrow, and I love to see how excited they are. We were at orientation tonight and they were high-fiving their friends. There were giggles and smiles all around. And armpit fart noises. Not my favorite thing, but I’ve convinced myself it’s like dogs sniffing other dogs. You know, saying hi and happy to see you again.

I asked Miles what he liked most about school. He had a list. “The backpacks. The teachers are nice. We have pets in our classroom. I get to see my friends.”

And plenty of parents are equally excited. The stay-at-home moms are all over Facebook. Some are posting about how many days until the kids go back to school. Others are detailing what they will do first as they venture out with no kids in tow. I have a picture in my mind of certain moms I know starting an early happy hour followed by a stop at the nail salon. Last week I came across a woman in a grocery store who was doing the happy dance like you wouldn’t believe. I kid you not. She was grinning from ear to ear and something told me she was counting down the days until school started. She showed no shame in her game. “My kids are in college, and every time this year I do the same dance.” And she headed off the alcohol section.

A lot of moms who are working outside the house are happy too. With the kids back in school, they don’t have to shell out loads of money each week for camp and daycare costs. Not to mention trying to find things to keep the kids busy all summer. Scheduling three months of activities can be like a game of Twister gone bad. The idea of a regular routine brings a huge sense of relief.

Even the camp counselors are ready for the kids to go back to school. Today was their last day, and I hear they were pretty lenient on the rules.

Makes me wonder who else is looking forward to this transition time. The mail carriers? Definitely. Because now they won’t be bombarded by kids asking a bunch of questions when they drop off the mail. The neighbor? That’s a no brainer. Far fewer soccer balls will be launched over to their side of the fence. The ice cream truck guy? Of course. That’s just a part-time gig for him, and by the third week of June he was tired of counting out all the piggy bank change-in coins. Which makes me think about the people at the bank. Yeah, they aren’t so keen on kids griming up shiny glass counters and messing with their neat stacks of deposit slips.

Okay. It’s time. But just to shake things up should we start counting down the days til next summer? Are you with me? Anyone?


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