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Don’t Be Jealous—Be Glad

August 3, 2011 by  
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by Julie Davidson

I have never believed you can have it all. Well not all at once. When I stayed home with the boys, I wondered if I should put the kids in daycare and go back to work fulltime. Now that I do work fulltime, I wonder if I should be home.

My husband has time off in summer and is staying home with the kids. I figured they’d all be bored and wondering what to do. Being proactive, I went ahead and made lists of things to do and places to go.

Throughout the day I check in when I have a minute. I love to find out what’s going on. Two weeks ago I saw my husband’s FB update. It was a picture of our kids-at the Jelly Belly tour! Jelly Belly? I was kinda jealous. I had meant to take the kids for years.

There’s plenty of times I call my husband only to get his voicemail. My mind gets curious. Where are they? Last week I when I called them my oldest was in the background telling me about the new water park they went to. Bummer. I had been hoping to take them to Hoyt Park one of these days.

It has been one fun event after another. One afternoon within 30 minutes of returning home from work all three of them were off to go fishing. No Moms allowed! Two days later they jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn to the same fishing hole.

For a minute I was feeling slighted. It seemed that for years the boys needed me far more than my husband. Then I remembered how I often I tell the boys how lucky they are not just to have a Dad, but a Dad that likes to take them places and do fun stuff.  

The other night my youngest son fell out of bed. He called for me. Okay, call off the pity party. They still need me. And honestly the idea of putting night crawlers on a hook doesn’t sound like my style.


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