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You’re Doing a Great Job!

July 31, 2011 by  
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by Julie Davidson

I’ve recently connected with a woman through my blogging. That’s the cool part about technology. You can be in touch with someone instantly. But the cooler part is finding a common bond with that person. And I recently have with this woman.

She responded to one of my blogs about trying to run again. Turns out she is a stay-at-home mom who used to do triathlons. She was inspired my efforts to get running. But she was frustrated that her level of running wasn’t what it had been previous to having kids.

In one email to me, she thanked me for writing to her. She commented how isolating it can feel staying at home. Oh how I recall those days. I felt that I was out of every loop I had ever been in. In the beginning, it was as if my every move was dictated by my baby. When I ate and slept, how much I ate and slept. It all depended on that tiny little being wanting me for virtually every need.

And it can seem like the to-do list never ends. When I stayed at home, I wondered if I was doing a good job. There were no coworkers to ask how to do this. And who gives you that big promotion? I felt as if every creative asset I had once had was gone. I thought that sweatpants were totally in fashion. Or I was too tired to care. Girl’s night was on perpetual hold. I was grateful just to be able to chat with my best friend in five-minute increments throughout the week. It felt like a toss up. I could do either my hair or makeup, but rarely both. Puke laundry became a regular part of the routine. If mold wasn’t creeping along the baseboards, the house was clean enough.

We don’t have kids so other people can tell us what a fabulous job we are doing. But it sure feels good to have someone tell us that. A little validation goes a long way. If you know of someone who’s mom, let them know you think they are doing a great job. But please don’t say one word about her sweatpants.

One Comment on "You’re Doing a Great Job!"

  1. Monica Hess on Sun, 31st Jul 2011 8:52 pm 

    It does feel good to be appreciated. Everyone needs that. I appreciate you and all you do as well. It really does take a whole lot of fantastic, hard working people to make a great place like the U.S.A. a terrific place to live.

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