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The Sound of Silence

June 23, 2011 by  
Filed under J.Reich

I so clearly remember being a kid and suddenly discovering the radio! My parents had gotten me a radio/tape player, and my sister and I couldn’t get enough of listening to music. I remember being so surprised that my mom never turned on the radio in the car. Never. Ever. My sister and I started to ask her to, and she kindly obliged.

Fast forward a few noisy decades. High school=loud. College=loud. New babies in the house=very very loud. My sons were not quiet babies! The noise was constant, and deafening. I’m fortunate to work from home, and so I spend a great deal of time with my kids, and I almost always take them on errands–to the store, the library, the post office, the bank. They like to listen to the radio or kids’ CDs, and we’re in a constant bubble of noise.

Every now again though I run an errand by myself–maybe a quick trip to the post office for work. I get into the car, close the door, and suddenly I’m surrounded by silence. And it sounds really really good.

Finally, Mom, I understand.

2 Comments on "The Sound of Silence"

  1. MOM on Fri, 29th Jul 2011 11:38 pm 

    “The Sound of Silence” We never shut up long enough to listen to the radio until you were 5, “Rhinestone Cowboy”. Love you, keep up the good work. Mom

  2. admin on Sat, 30th Jul 2011 12:02 am 

    Thanks!!! Love, Jennifer

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