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Follow Your Instincts

March 7, 2011 by  
Filed under J.Reich

Last night, my son Tyler (age five), woke me around 3 am. He was really feeling badly, sore throat, upset belly, and a 100.4°F temperature. Uhoh, I thought. We’ve been down this road before. Tyler has had this combination three times in the past, and every time it was strep throat. I was sure I’d be calling the pediatrician at 8 am.

In the light of day, with a dose of Tylenol in him though, Tyler seemed much better. He said that his throat didn’t hurt that badly, and his temperature was only 99°F. Part of me was tempted to wait it out. But I decided to go with my instincts overnight, and I called the pediatrician at 8.

When the doctor looked at his throat, she didn’t think he was sick. But lo and behold, the results of the throat culture: Strep! Thank goodness, we caught it early, and with TLC and antibiotics, Tyler will be just fine. But I’m sure glad I listened to my instincts!


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