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Traditions, Traditions!

December 14, 2010 by  
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One of my most cherished holiday traditions since my sons Tyler (age five) and Austin (age three) were born was to decorate for the holidays at night when they were asleep. I loved it when they woke up the next morning, and I brought them downstairs to see the surprise and wonder in their eyes when they saw the newly decorated house. I’m sure to them it felt like magic.

But then they asked me if they could help decorate. Drat. “There goes all the fun of decorating myself,” I thought. Not to mention the efficiency of it! I could decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving in a single evening! Christmas took two–one for the decorations and another for the tree. How long would it take now to decorate with my two little helpers?

A whole lot longer it turns out! We recently had the “Seven Days of Decorating for Christmas.” But actually it was a ton of fun! I traded that moment of wonder and surprise when my boys came downstairs for seven nights of wonder and surprise when we unpacked eight bins of Christmas decorations. They asked me where things came from, and I got to tell them that my Aunt Judy gave us the manger puzzle and my mom had used the angel music box in her home before she gave it to me.

It’s hard to let go of cherished traditions. But it’s a lot easier when they’re replaced with new ones.


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