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A Master Sock Folder!

November 30, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Reich

One of my favorite parenting sayings is, Don’t get to stressed over any phase because it will be replaced by an equally maddening one! This is true for the challenging phases, but it’s also true for the good phases. And I’ve learned that there are so many wonderful good phases!

Right now, my son Tyler (age five) is in the sock-folding phase. He loves folding socks, and there’s never a shortage of socks to fold in this house! I try to wash one load of laundry each day to keep on top of the pile, and I fold the laundry after my sons go to bed. Our laundry room (closet really) is upstairs, outside my sons’ rooms, so I generally have company while folding the laundry. The past few days, Tyler has asked if I have any socks to fold and he cheerfully folds them all up. Then he proudly counts how many pairs he folded and yells the number down to his dad. What a fun phase this is!


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