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The Days System

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Reich

“Who’s day is it?”

Yes, you read that right! I asked “who’s day,” not “what day.” This is a question I ask here probably five times a day.

We used to have a challenge with Tyler (four) and Austin (two) arguing about who would pick a DVD to watch or what music we listened to, even silly things like who would get out of the tub first!

And so I instituted the “days” system. It’s simple: Odd-numbered days are Tyler’s days; and even-numbered days are Austin’s days.

This has simplified dozens of decisions each day. Whoever’s day it is goes first for everything that day, both good and bad. For instance, he picks the first DVD we watch, but he also has to get strapped into his car seat first!

Protests from Tyler and Austin have reduced dramatically. After all, who can argue with the calendar???


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